Transforming our Fabric Shop!

Transforming our Fabric Shop!

Here we go with a new year! 

Are you one to reset and refresh a bit? I sure am. This year, Marifly will transform into a bigger, more accessible Textile and Craft shop meeting your needs locally and online. It's exciting! 

We're currently working on the renovation of our new space, and hope to be in by the end of the year. I'm learning that renovations take much more time than expected, and so I'm trying to trust the process, and allow the timeline to flow. 

Below are a few photos of the "Barn" we purchased and our dreams and process towards making it our new textile space. 

Packing Shed Historic Building Renovation
Here's the photo we saw on Zillow. We've passed this building thousands of times and never gave too much thought to it. 

When I really looked at the "Barn" I could see its lines on so many other buildings. Here's one that I saw and took a screenshot of it, because I see similar lines and the roofs are the same colors. 

There's a 1200 square foot shop space that was used for woodworking and decades of years ago was used as a fruit packing shed. 

With the help of our favorite floor guy, he sanded off the paint and found the original hardwood floors, and I love their rustic warmth! 


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